Help and FAQs

How do I register for the HTC OneDay 2016 Resolution promotion/competition?

You can enter the promotion by simply completing the Registration Form. The link to this form is in the top right of the web site. Full Terms and Conditions are available from

How do I register a resolution?

Once you have registered with htcOneDay, you can start entering your resolutions. Don’t forget … the more resolutions you enter and images/videos you upload, the more entries you get into the 30 prizes in 30 days draw.

Where can I see my resolutions?

You can see the resolutions you have entered by clicking on the My Resolutions link in the top right of the web site. This will give you a drop down menu of your resolutions in addition to a link to adding another resolution.

How do I collect entries into the prize draw?

You receive one entry into the 30 prizes in 30 days just by registering. You receive additional entries for adding resolutions and uploading images or videos. The maximum number of entries into the prize draw anyone can have is 50. Refer full terms and conditions on the web site. Full Terms and Conditions are available from

How often are prizes given?

Prizes are awarded to one winner each day for 30 days from January 1. Winners are selected by random draw undertaken each business day. Daily prizes include HTC One M9; HTC RE Camera; $500 Red Balloon voucher. Prizes will be fulfilled within 12 weeks of the winner being drawn. Full Terms and Conditions are available from

How do I load an image or video?

You can load an image or video on your Resolution page when adding your goal.

You can add subsequent images by returning to and logging in using your username (email address) and password.

The maximum file size for images is 2Mb

Videos are linked from YouTube.

How do I reset my password?

Password reset is activated from the Login page that is accessible from the link in the top left of the web site. Simply click Login and that will open a window. There is a button in this window to allow you to Reset your password. All you have to do is enter your email address and press send. This will generate an email to your email address with a link that will take you to the password reset page. When you receive the email, simply click that link and you are ready to go.

Can I enter if I have registered for HTC OneDay?

Yes of course. You receive entries the same as everyone else. You just need to log back in to accumulate your first entry. Adding Resolutions and uploading images/videos following that gives you more chances to win.